It’s been a while from the good old days when cell phones weren’t around. There was once a time when people were tethered to their phones through the curly phone cords attached to their phones. It’s also been a while since people were first introduced to computers. Since that time, much has changed.
Technology has gained momentum since then, and with the advancement of technology comes the improvements in computers and phones, leading to a better lifestyle for people as a whole. That was the awesome piece.
Along with the improvements and the bettering of technology came “people that want to sit on a computer or phone somewhere and bully people.” Cyberbullying exists and occurs everyday.
According to Officer David Cole of the Dickson Police Department in Tennessee, cyberbullying is using the Internet, cell phone, or other technology to send or post images or texts intended to hurt or embarrass another person. Posting a threat or slur directed towards someone on Facebook would fall under the category of cyberbullying. Publishing an embarrassing video of someone online (like on YouTube) is considered cyberbullying. Identity fraud, spreading of rumors through electronic means, and threatening of others through online streaming video gaming are all accounts of cyberbullying.

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