Chappaqua school board members are continuing to review a proposed policy that will cover harassment, bullying and discrimination among students, which is required to comply with a new state law.

The board, which previously talked about the policy at a May meeting, now has references to bullying, along with a legal definition, in the law’s title and throughout the text. During the board did its previous draft reading, school board President Alyson Kiesel explained that it may colloquially be called a bullying policy, but that it officially was for harassment.

The decision to change its scope to bullying, Kiesel explained at Tuesday’s second reading of the draft, was because it was felt necessary to include. Also new in the draft is the insertion of the phrase “materially and substantially” as a threshold for someone causing harm to a student and disrupting their educational experience. Board Member Victoria Tipp said it was added to be careful about approaching what goes outside of school and of district events.

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