A group of students directed under Dr. Yasin Silva, professor of applied computing at Arizona State University West, developed an application called BullyBlocker which identifies and assesses the likelihood of a child being bullied on social networking sites.

Once connected to a Facebook account, a series of complex indicators and algorithms will detect and weigh insulting phrases with a child’s age, gender, and other factors to generate with a numerical risk value and related statistics. These generated data – the Bullying Rank – will be subsequently communicated to the parents.

“Parents can then decide how they want to be alerted. You could get a message every day, every week, or every month. It’s just a great way for parents to make sure if their child is safe online,” said Silva.

On the issue of the adolescent’s privacy, the developer’s page noted that the user’s personal data will remain anonymous and private.

According to ASU officials, before BullyBlocker becomes freely available to the public, the developing team is in need of additional funds to continue and finalize the project. If you would like to contribute to the project or want additional information, you can visit their website HERE.


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