An assistant principal resigned on Tuesday after being accused of cyberbullying a young girl.

The family, outraged that their 6-year old was the victim of cyberbullying, says that the events started at the Seneca Walmart. A customer took a picture of the young girl and then posted it onto online social media as a joke.

The picture had a clear shot of the girl’s face, and it was captioned with the sentence, “Honey Boo-Boo at Walmart.” The picture was shared throughout the community until it was deleted.

“I was very shocked to see it’s my cousin,” said Briana Smith, the girl’s cousin. Briana and other family were undoubtedly upset with the young girl’s exposure. “He wants to put a kid that’s 6 years old with health problems out there about her weight and make fun of her? And that’s not right,” added Smith.

The girl is dealing with health issues related to her weight and her humiliation does not benefit her in any way. Seeing the likes and reading the comments on the picture further lowered the little girl’s self esteem.

“Before she goes out in public, she tries on different outfits because she feels like she’s too big,” said Smith. Evidently, the girl’s self-consciousness is at an issue here, and the image on Facebook only worsened her self-image.

Dr. Mike Lucas, Superintendent of Oconee School, has confirmed that Walhalla High School Assistant Principal Charlie Fowler was on administrative leave while looking into the cyberbullying accusations.

On Tuesday, Lucas said Fowler had resigned.