Lauren and Victoria Coaxum began a campaign to “Think Before You Type” as a fight against cyberbullying last year. This month marks the first year anniversary of this grass-roots initiative to end online negativity.
“We saw a friend being bullied online last year,” said Lauren, a 17-year-old biology, premedical student going into her second year at Marymount University, Arlington, Va. “We wanted to start something that worked on cyberbullying and self-esteem.”
The goal of these sisters is to enable online teens to see the good side of both themselves as well as the Internet.
Their campaign right now is embedded in social media, YouTube and a blog. Each week, the two sisters challenge their peers to a dare, a random act of kindness, from giving someone a smile to reconnecting to someone lost over social networking.
Lauren and Victoria have big goals for their campaign. They are currently working on becoming a non-for-profit status and to continue to send their message out to the world.

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