No matter what village, city or state, school bullies have remained an unwelcome part of the educational landscape for generations. Members of the Garden City School District’s Cyber Bullying Committee addressed this growing issue and presented a series of findings and recommendations to the Board of Education at Garden City High School. Cyber bullying has gained increased public awareness and media attention due to the rise in teen suicides with incidents on Long Island and across the country. In the presentation, the term “cyber bullying” was defined as the “willful and repeated harm of a person inflicted through electronic devices. Cyber bullying can be used to torment, threaten, harass, humiliate, embarrass or otherwise target a victim by using Internet, digital technologies or mobile phones.”

The committee calls for developing a comprehensive Internet safety and anti-bullying program for all grade levels from elementary to high school. In addition, a revised and updated code of conduct and computer use policy was deemed necessary. It was also suggested that the district implement cyber bullying outreach programs to parents during transition meetings in grade eight and nine and grade five and six. In the committee’s findings, it was recommended that the administration maintain a district-wide cyber bullying committee and offer educational programs for students, staff and parents.

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