Actress Challen Cates joins the fight against cyber bullying with Say It 2 My Face. Say It 2 My Face is a campaign against cyber bullying and a protest against the use of anonymity on the Internet for detrimental purposes. The campaign was originated by Taylor Audette, an undergraduate student at The University of Southern California. The campaign encourages everyone to think about what they type, what they post, and what they spread online. If you would not ‘say it to my face,’ then you shouldn’t post it online. Using purple, the color of “good judgment,” attention is drawn to the power of our hands. Cyber bullying is literally at our fingertips. It is hands on the keyboard that cause the detrimental, and often devastating effects of cyber bullying. Conversely, Say It 2 My Face advocates the use of hands as a tool for support that can convey the campaign’s anti-cyber bullying message.

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