“In today’s technology-dependent age, bullying is no longer confined to the playground or the school. Bullying can occur anywhere, and with the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the prevalence of online harassment has increased dramatically. Cyber bullying affects over 85% of teens across the world, and its consequences range from depression and withdrawal to suicide.”

“Bullying doesn’t necessarily involve a bully and a victim, because bullying is really a behavior and not a person, ” says Noah Salzman, Vice President of Client Communication. “We have to alter the mentality to illustrate that cyber bullying is not a ‘cool’ thing to do.”

Co-President Samuel Lam asserts, “This movement has to stem from the community, from us. If we can inspire change from below, that is how we are ultimately going to put an end to this.” What originally started off as a small grassroots movement in Long Island, New York has now grown into one of the largest youth initiatives in the world. ETCB has already reached millions, inspiring individuals across the globe to be the change our generation so desperately needs. ETCB leaders recognize the pivotal role they play as pioneers of a youth movement, but they also hope to continually spread their message and empower individuals worldwide to spearhead new initiatives in their own communities.

The End to Cyber Bullying Organization was featured on Long Island Magazine. Read more at: http://www.longislandmagazine.com/worldwide-youth-initiative-to-end-cyber-bullying-1949/