Wisconsin’s WKTB’s Jennifer Livingston spoke out against cyber bullying when responding publicly to a local man’s e-mail that called her “fat” and a bad role model for American youth, “girls in particular.” In a classy move that could have turned very sour, Jennifer Livingston calmly proceeded to tell the man in a live broadcast of the morning news that she is aware of her “physical condition” as he so blatantly called it, that he did not know her as a person, and that she is “much more than a number on the scale.”

In a society that pursues superficiality and perceives diversity and bigger body sizes as an ugly thing to be ignored, WKTB’s Jennifer Livingston is a prime example for all of those people, especially women, who have been deemed unworthy of attention in the media or in daily life. Her courageous decision to stand up to her bully without curse words, insults, or heightened emotions makes her a role model for cyber bullying victims across the nation.

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