An unwavering legal question resulting from New Jersey’s two-year old anti-bullying law is how to address incidents of bullying that occur online and off school grounds. This was the main focus of a conference at Rutgers University yesterday, where different professionals discussed the jurisdiction of the government on cyberbullying that occurs online (as stated in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights of 2011). “Where do you go from a speech issue to where you crossed the line?” state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said. “Where is the line to where government has a role when certain kinds of behaviors should be penalized?” Currently, schools are given their own decisions as to what actions justifies discipline.

“When you talk about any law and in this case the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, it has to be about partnerships between the schools, the children, and the parents in order to limit this kind of things from happening in the first place,” Joseph Ricca, superintendent of East Hanover School District said.

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