A Charleston County board member stated that the board of education needs to address the procedures for punishing cyberbullies. What poses as a major problem is the definition of cyberbullying. Board member Michael Miller said, “We deal with cyberbullying. Sometimes it’s a little gray because it’s based on interpretation.”
The problem doesn’t lie in what constitutes cyberbullying. The problem is also in what the suitable punishment should be for cyberbullying. There is debate currently, as to whether or not the state house of South Carolina should make cyberbullying illegal. Miller said, “We need to make sure that children understand, our students understand, that sometimes what we do in the privacy of our homes, if someone else were to feel threatened by our actions, we need to make sure that we understand those actions. Maybe we as a district ought to do a better job in making sure that our students understand the consequences of their actions, even if their actions are related around social media.”

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