More than 300 teachers, administrators, counselors, parents, and law enforcement personnel attended the 3rd Annual Safe Schools Conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach Aug. 1-3 to learn effective ways to address critical school safety issues. Experts provided updates and trends on a variety of safe schools issues, such as cyber bullying and cyber security, gangs and youth violence, teen suicide threat assessment, alcohol and substance abuse and dropout prevention. The three-day conference featured 66 workshops and an impressive lineup of speakers, including California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Long Beach Police Cmdr. Josef Levy, and Chauncy Veatch, the first California drug czar and 2002-03 National Teacher of the Year.

“We all know that school safety is more than just well-being,” Torlakson said. “There’s a direct link between school safety, attendance and academic achievement.” Veatch, who talked about his role as a teacher in terms of his students’ successes, said students achieve academic excellence when teachers nurture them and believe in their dreams.

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