Erin Gallagher, a 13-year-old Irish teen, committed suicide after being cyber bullied about her looks and her weight on social networking sites. The teenager had allegedly warned her tormentors that she was planning to take her life just 24 hours before her death. “U prob think it was funny when I put a rope round my neck cause of you,” she wrote in her post on, a popular social networking site. Her comment is directed to an anonymous person who had been bullying her. Gallagher’s death is the third high-profile suicide case within the past month linked to cyber bullying.

In the wake of Gallagher’s death, a Facebook tribute page honoring the life and mourning the loss of the young girl was set up by the teen’s friends and family. Almost 5,000 people have already offered their support, with some calling for a charity run in Gallagher’s name and the banning of

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