Parents have limited power over their children’s smartphone usage, with 55% believing they have the least control over mobiles, compared to gaming devices and laptops, according to recent research. With 65% concerned that their children are unprotected from mobile threats including cyber bullying, sexting and viewing inappropriate content, this lack of control indicates a huge headache for parents. Although 53% of parents are aware of products to monitor and control cellphone usage and 95% would like to use some form of control on their children’s smartphones, only 13% of parents are actually using them. This highlights a worrying trend that the tools available to protect against mobile threats are clearly not up to the job.

Parents being unable to monitor their children’s mobile phone use is a real issue for them. They want the peace-of-mind brought by giving phones to their children, but are fearful of the consequences of cyber bullying, unsolicited contact from strangers, and access to inappropriate content. Concern regarding these threats and specifically child safety and well-being is actually causing a quarter of parents not to give their children mobile phones. This is a real shame when you consider what a great tool for development and communication cell phones can be.

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