Jack Jablonski, a varsity hockey player at Benilde St. Margaret’s high school St. Louis Park, Minnesota, was going after a puck during a game last December when he was checked into the boards. “Jabs” did not get up. He suffered a spinal cord injury and fractured two vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed.

Ever since this devastating accident, Jablonski has been the victim of vicious attacks by an anonymous cyber bully on Twitter using the account name @jabsjokes. Child psychologist David Walsh says that the bully, hiding behind his computer screen, experiences a feeling of invincibility as he relentlessly harasses Jablonski with nasty Tweets. Because the bully has no fear of consequence for his actions, he continues to click send.

In the face of these horrible Tweets, Jablonski has received an outpouring of support from his community and from individuals across the nation. Jablonski’s 43,000 Twitter followers have come to his defense and the account of the nameless, faceless coward has been suspended.

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