Friends and associates of Ireland’s late Minister of State Shane McEntee have claimed that abuse directed towards the politician on social media websites was a factor in his tragic death. McEntee, who was widely believed to have been a compassionate and sensitive man, is said to have been deeply affected by the online abuse. However, experts say there is always a multiplicity of issues surrounding suicide, and death is never the result of a single factor.

John Farrelly, an Irish politician and friend of McEntee’s, told the Sunday Independent that Mr. McEntee was “desperately upset” by a barrage of online abuse that followed comments the late minister had made in relation to cuts to the respite care grant. “I think it is something that we all have to contend with. It is an issue that must stop. I don’t mind people having reasoned debate, but this seems to be frenzied, continued and is causing huge concern not just for politicians, but their families.”

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