A Nassau County student group has made it a mission to help delete cyberbullying.

David Zhao and Samuel Lam, juniors at Jericho High School, recently created a coalition of peers called End to Cyber Bullying, which aims to mobilize teens at their schools to raise awareness about the dangers of online bullying. The effort was sparked, in part, by the story of Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University student who killed himself after his roommate used a webcam to spy on him in 2010.

The Jericho duo held the group’s first volunteer meeting last month and attracted pupils from schools such as Woodmere Middle School and Massapequa and Syosset high schools.

“When adults tell you not to cyberbully, it’s not as effective as when teens do it,” Zhao said. “The goal is to curb cyberbullying and change the attitude of teens. It’s better to be an upstander than a bystander.”