Anne-Marie Schmidt posted a screen shot on her Facebook profile of a vicious Instagram post made by the bully who has been tormenting her daughter, Mackenzie. It read “Questions – does anyone like Mackenzie? She’s being a b*tch to me, check my photo of all my friends… She commented on it. I HATE HER AND I DONT CARE IF ANYONE TELLS HER!!! HeHe” On the post, numerous other children commented and agreed. One even commented “She is a b*tch alright.”

Schmidt declared that her extreme and direct action of exposing the bully was “to make more parents pay more attention to what their children are doing online.”

However, Michael Carr-Gregg, a renowned psychologist who is a founding member of the National Centre Against Bullying and a chairman of the organization’s Cybersafety committee,  disagrees with how she handled the situation.

“This is fraught with danger,” he declared. “You are responding to the bully, and that is not the right thing to do … It’s like feeding the trolls, and all that happens is that they step it up a notch.”

Carr-Gregg’s upcoming book, Beyond Cyberbullying, gives various advice to parents on how to deal with cyberbullies. The book instructs parents to contact web administrators for offensive contents to be taken down, encourage their children to ignore the bully, and make sure the bully’s contacts are blocked on any mobile devices and social networking sites of their children.



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