Meghan McCain, the 27-year-old daughter of 2008 Republican Presidential candidate John McCain and a feisty young conservative personality, is no stranger to the media hot seat. As a popular pundit princess, she’s used to taking some heavy unfriendly fire from her own party as well as Democrats. The super sexist and hateful remarks that flooded her feed after some cable commentary last week had Megan standing up to bullying.

In her take down of the intense digital haterade, she made a point to not only call out the anonymous people blowing up her Twitter, but also the legit online sources that she felt gave her a raw deal — specifically two stories posted onformer MSNBC anchor Dan Abrams’s site Mediaite. The powerful politico didn’t take kindly to being lumped in with those that were calling Megan fat, ugly, clueless and worse — so he blasted back at Meghan, defending his writers’ balanced coverage of her remarks and throwing the “bully” ball back in her court.

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