During the school year, Litchfield High School student Kristin Ishmael became the co-chairman of the Illinois State Board of Education Student Advisory Council. She is one of  just 15 students across the entire state to be a part of the council. Ishmael applied to the council along with around 78 other students, which were narrowed down to the 15 new members. To be a member of the council, it takes more than just filling out the application correctly. “You have to have a concern about education, and a drive to make changes,” said Ishmael about what it takes to be a member. “My job is to give student opinion to the Board of Education so that they can make schools better.”

The Board of Education and the student members work to improve school systems through a number of different platforms, but Ishmael had one thing that she wanted to change specifically. She presented an anti-cyber bullying program to the Board of Education and her platform was accepted. “I chose the anti-bullying platform because no one should have to be tormented like that,” Ishmael said. “And at school, some people don’t even know it’s happening.”

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