After a recent stay in rehab to treat anxiety and stress brought on by cyber bullies, country singer LeAnn Rimes is using her celebrity to fight back against online bullying. Rimes tweeted a picture of herself, showing off a butterfly that she drew on her left wrist in support of an anti-bullying campaign. The caption read, “I’ve been reading about so many bully inflicted deaths. I wanted to show my support.” Rimes followed her tweet with a post that directs fans to a Tumblr page called The Butterfly Project, which encourages people who feel the urge to cut or harm themselves due to bullying and promotes healthy healing habits.

Since Rimes’ post, the website has had an overflow of submissions from readers who have found the support they need. One fan shared a photo of her wrist that read, “Three years harm-free,” while another wrote a comment that said, “The worse I feel the more detailed I draw them [the butterflies], the longer it takes to draw them the feelings usually pass, it helps a lot. “

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