Schools in Ireland have been ordered to ban students from taking photos on campus to help cut down on cyber bullying. Guidelines sent by the Joint Managerial Body (JMB) to 400 secondary schools say that students must not be allowed to snap images of other students or staff unless it is a requirement of a school project.

Teachers were warned not to use personal Facebook or Twitter accounts for school projects, to avoid interacting with students directly by using Facebook pages, and to make their tweets private so only approved followers can see them. “Connecting with students on social media sites can seem like an effective means of communication,” the JMB said. “However, this gives students potential to access personal information about teachers and the opportunity to target them with abusive behavior.”

Other school management boards in Ireland are also taking steps against cyber bullying. The Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS) urged its 93 schools to be more stringent when disciplining over the misuse of social media or online data. The body’s general secretary noted incidents where students set up false Facebook pages for a principal and a student.

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