Three teenagers attending the Hough High School were recently arrested in a case involving cyberbullying.

Seventeen year olds Colby Seth Moore, Noah Hatfield, and Cameron Sherrill were arrested last Tuesday by Cornelius Police. They were charged with misdemeanor bullying and harassing behavior.

According to the Cornelius Police report, the students posted a picture of a peer on the internet and made derogatory comments about her body shape.

The school district and the police have been clear about their definition of bullying. They say bullying includes any action that makes threats, spreads rumors, or attacks someone physically or verbally.

Fellow students have noted the constant bullying that exists on the Internet. “People just think that they can do whatever they want because it’s the Internet and nobody is watching them,” said Nicholas LeClere, a sophomore at Hough High School.

Parents have also expressed their concern with their inability to monitor the online activity of their kids. “I feel totally out of control. I feel like I can’t do anything about it,” noted Heather Smith, a parent.

The students are now out of jail and have since returned to school, and they all have a court date scheduled for July 10th.