A group of students at Greenford High in Southall, London have signed up to the school’s CyberMentor program, which offers advice and support to any pupils who may be subjected to this form of bullying, while also working to punish those responsible. The students have recently taken part in a live lesson about cyber bullying at Google’s London offices, which has been streamed to schools around the country in order to educate teachers and pupils alike on the dangers of this growing trend.

Mubina Asaria, CyberMentor co-oordinator, said: “It involved role-playing and circumstances that lead to bullying. The lesson provided great ideas for activities to be used to help make bullying unacceptable. It also equipped them with the knowledge and skills to mentor peers and offer support and guidance to young people facing bullying and cyber bullying. It then went on the web so teachers everywhere can use this in their schools.”

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