Get Involved

Volunteer to Help

         In order to receive credit for being a volunteer in ETCB, it is important that one tries to actively participate in as many activities as possible. (i.e. facebook events, dinners, galas, etc…) In order to maintain a record of what you have accomplished you must email the Director of Volunteering. Continue to spread the word of ETCB throughout your school and remain active! Show your passion and try to affect change!


Online Activism

            When considering ways in which you can help virtually send the message forward is by following ETCB on Facebook, twitter and YouTube. It is important that you like, comment and post on all of these social networking sites to keep ETCB relevant and well know. Participating in Facebook events is also essential to the success of ETCB. 


Participate in an Event

Throughout the year, ETCB will hold many events, ranging from Facebook blasts, twitter postings and black-tie dinners for fundraising and expansion purposes. We will need many of you to participate in all of these events by disseminating information or volunteering your time to work at the galas. Show your commitment and aim to be one of the most involved volunteers. You will be rewarded both within the organization as well as intrinsically!

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

ETCB is a rapidly expanding organization, and as such we welcome questions about the company and most importantly, about cyber bullying. Whether you are personally being cyberbullied or you know someone who is being cyberbullied, please feel free to contact us in the form below and we will be sure to provide further assistance. Also, if you are in need of any further information about our organization, such as how can you participate or how can you make a difference, leave a message below and ETCB will respond as soon as possible.

60 W 38th St, Floor 2 New York, NY 10018

1-772-202-ETCB (3822)