“NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — While a recent study shows that cyber-bullying mostly occurs through social networking websites, Facebook began to deal with that issue, even though prevention is mostly up to parents and educators, according to experts.

Noah Salzman, who is vice president of client communication for the End to Cyber Bullying Organization, agrees on the importance of education and prevention. “Some tips to prevent would include keeping your Facebook friends limited to only people you are actually personally friends with,” he said. “The problem could diminish immensely if you don’t accept friend requests from strangers and people you aren’t close to.”

As for the action that could be taken by Facebook, Salzman thinks monitoring the thousands of posts deemed inappropriate is extremely time-consuming and would not necessary improve the situation. “There needs to be an implementation of a system that has more definitive consequences for cyber-bullying,” he said. “For instance, the first time it occurs, perhaps the bully could receive a warning from Facebook. But, if the behavior continues, the account should be disabled for at least a specific period of time.”

Salzman also mentioned a Facebook application called “Find Help.” Introduced in 2010 by SafetyWeb, an online monitoring service for parents, this app provides users with tools to report any violation Mashable reported.”

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