A Durban woman who was cyberbullied online on Facebook has created a fan page to help other victims of cyberbullying. Claudia Crystal Naidoo, 21, received derogatory comments on a Facebook post of a picture of her. That picture was of her in a revealing top licking a lollipop. People called her a slut and others said that she should not complain when she is raped.
Ms. Naidoo has spoken out against these cruel Facebook comments, but the torment continues to this day. She has saved evidence of these comments in case she decides to press charges against the people who posted them. “Everybody has the right to dress however they want. I don’t see why people who don’t know anything about you can instantly form an opinion based on what you wear and attack you.”
Randy Singh, Ms. Naidoo’s boyfriend, claimed that he as well, has received hate, but that he ignored them. He thinks it’s wrong for other women to be so judgmental of Claudia and that people need help. Mr. Singh claimed that he would support his girlfriend until the end.
Although some look up to her and appreciate her effort, others still harass her. One woman said: “that’s great, but you could do it with clothes on then people would actually be inclined to take you seriously” with regard to the effort that Ms. Naidoo is taking against cyberbullying.

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