Comedy Duo Host Video AMA for Their 7 Million Fans to Raise Money for a Cause


For most of Lisa Schwartz and Shane Dawson’s 7 million fans, interactions with the YouTube power couple are largely one-sided. With thousands of quirky comedy videos uploaded and millions of views, the pair provide endless entertainment to their legion of fans, but on Sunday, August 10 at 4 pm EST, they’ll be lifting the curtain by hosting a live, interactive video chat to raise money for The End to Cyber Bullying Organization (ETCB).


As stories abound about the money that YouTube stars earn, Schwartz and Dawson are one of the first to utilize their platform to benefit a nonprofit organization.

Schwartz and Dawson will be appearing on the crowdfunding platform Wizeo for any fan that donates at least $3 to ETCB.


All contributors will have the opportunity to ask the duo questions live or prior the event, a rare chance to get live and interactive access to a couple that has shot into YouTube superstardom over a one-sided medium.


“Our goal is to combat cyber bullying through the channels it most frequently occurs,” say End to Cyber Bullying, Co-Founders and Presidents, Samuel Lam and David Zhao. “It’s encouraging to see YouTube stars like Lisa Schwartz and Shane Dawson, who have an audience of millions, leverage their network to help spread the message that cyber bullying isn’t acceptable and that they support our goal of creating a global social networking arena where all users can feel safe and positive.”


What: Live, interactive video chat with YouTube Stars Lisa Schwartz & Shane Dawson

When: Sunday, August 10 at 4 pm EST

Where: Register and join online at!profile/55

Cost: A donation of at least $3 to The End to Cyber Bullying Organization


About Wizeo

Wizeo is a revolutionary fundraising platform that enables causes to bring forth influential spokespeople and supporters in any field (the “Wiz”) and capitalize on their audience’s desire for access. For a micro-donation of at least $1, a fan is entered to win a one-on-one video chat with the Wiz or given access to a 15-minute video session accessible to all supporters. For more information, visit