On Thursday, January 2, 2014, a 14-year-old Viviana Aguirre took her own life after announcing it on her Facebook page. The reason? Cyberbullying.

Just like her mother, Cynthia Sanchez, who has been bullied for years both online and offline, Viviana has been tormented by her group of peers for a prolonged period of time. Although Viviana was suffering from depression, her family said they still did not expect the suicide.

“A lot of times she was just called names, but these last couple of times she was told how to kill herself and what she should do,” Cynthia Sanchez commented.

“I hope they learn, and I hope they’re guilty for what they did and they are not in denial,” Viviana’s cousin Albert Fernandez told KFOX14 News.

Through this incident, Viviana’s family hopes that the community deals with cyberbullying more seriously. State Representative Joe Pickett(D-El Paso) commented that although the Texas Legislature will be discussing possible laws against cyberbullying in the future, the state needs to come up with a definition of what cyberbullying is, and ways to prove how one is cyberbullying another.

The sad story of Viviana illustrates the often-occuring “snowball” effect of cyberbullying. Although the bullying started with simple name callings, it eventually evolved into a girl taking her own life. In every step of the way, it is imperative for us to recognize that cyberbullying is a serious issue in this technological society where our online and offline identity are often merged, and look for ways to prevent it from happening to our loved ones.



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