These are some tips to staying cyber-safe.

1. Be Educated!

To prevent someone, including yourself, from being cyberbullied, you must first be knowledgeable about what cyberbullying is. Here are few basic information about the definition of cyberbullying, the negative effects of cyberbullying, and common places that cyberbullying can occur. If you would like some extra information, you can also visit the FAQ page.

2. Pause Before You Post!

In this age where almost everyone is on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., it is very important for you to pause and think before you post anything that could compromise your reputation. Think what would your parents, your grandparents, or any close adults would say about what you post. Try to keep the pictures you post “PG,” and keep your comments and posts language appropriate. Not only will the bullies use these posts and pictures to threaten you, but even your potential job employers, college admissions officers, etc. may deny you opportunities after discovering how you behave online.

3. Always Log Out Of Accounts!

Especially on a public computer! If you are using a public computer, never forget to log out – especially from your emails and social networking sites. If you forget to log out after you are done using a computer, the next person can easily access your private information and create a significant number of problems for you. Do not, also, save your passwords on any public computers. Saving passwords can allow strangers to easily access your profile even long after you log off.

4. Do Not Open Messages From Strangers!

Whether it is on email or any social networking sites, do not open any messages from people you don’t know. The messages or emails can contain viruses that infect your device upon opening. Do not, also, open any links that strangers send you either – it could also contain infectious viruses. These viruses are designed to collect personal and private information that can be very well used against you.

5. Tweak Your Privacy Control Settings On Social Networking Sites!

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer many security/privacy features inside its settings. Learn what each function does, and restrict access of your personal information to your trustworthy friends. Try to make your accounts private (Instagram and Twitter especially), and only allow someone you know to follow your page.

6. Never Become a Cyberbully Yourself!

Stand up to the wrongdoings of others, and refuse to pass along cyberbullying messages. Don’t partake in any mean activities that you would not want others to do to you. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to politely point to your fellow friend that what he is doing is very harmful and wrong.

7. Report Cyberbullying To A Trusted Adult!

In addition to standing up to injustice, if you think that the situation is getting out of hand, don’t be afraid to tell a trusted adult what is going on. These adults often have access to information and experience that you might not have, and can greatly help you resolve your situation.


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A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, ETCB is an international cyberbullying awareness campaign that has united over 4.5 million individuals internationally. Youth initiatives have started up in not only the fifty states, but also in nations such as China and the UK. Partnering with other organizations, such as the Girl Scouts of USA and Sears Anti-Bullying Coalition, has enabled us to outreach even further. All of the money raised has been utilized to continue expanding ETCB, helping to increase the impact we’ve made. Most importantly, we are grateful to have comforted and served thousands of cyberbullying victims of all ages. Future victims no longer need to feel as isolated and helpless as I once did.

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