At one time in the distant past, bullying consisted of a punk picking on someone smaller than them. Most of these bullies have met their match either beat up or in the principal’s office. However, this age has ended. This has been replaced with bullying online, also known as cyberbullying.
Most people over 35 believe that cyberbullying only occurs in school. What they don’t understand is that cyberbullying takes place outside of school as well. When the buses drop kids off and kids come back home, they log on to their computers. They access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or media streaming sites like YouTube. They check their email, see ads, surf the net. During this time, they text their friends, and others as well. It is during this time period of the day that they are most susceptible to cyberbullying. This bullying isn’t like the one before. It doesn’t only hurt. It can also kill.
The people behind this cyberbullying are out for power. They don’t have to be stronger, or smarter. They just have to be able to inspire hate and fear to take control of others. And this needs to be stopped.

Alberta and Manitoba have taken steps to stop cyberbullying. To view those steps, check out: