The group El Paso Stop Cyberbullying and El Paso Goodwill have teamed up to establish a 24-hour call center and safe house for cyberbullying victims.

The movement started four months ago with the suicide of Viviana Aguirre, a story we have covered previously.

Ever since her death in January, her cousin Malinda Chavira has been working to open a call center and safe house for all victims, and now leads the El Paso Stop Cyberbullying group as its assistant director.

She believes that establishing a 24-hour call center means victims “wont get the run around,” being provided with direct line of help when they need it. In addition, the call center also aims to keep the victim’s contact information and try to follow up on them in the future.

“One of our goals is never to let go,” said Chavira. “And if they don’t feel safe and we need to pick them up.”

In collaboration with the group, El Paso Goodwill decided to generously donate one of their building, which had three rooms. One of the rooms will be dedicated for the call center, the second for a safe room, and another for counseling with professionals from University of Texas at El Paso. The safe room will be filled with couches, televisions, and even video games.

With the collaboration of 30 Bel Air High School students and supporters from the community, the group will clean and paint the new center this Saturday. Mark Huerta, the Vice President of mission services and marketing for Goodwill, said that anyone else is also welcome to join the collaboration.

Furthermore, the group is looking for 10 more supporters to voluteer at the call center as operators. “Twenty-one years of age is one of the requirements for sure. They have to be mentally stable and mature to be able to handle such situations as that,” told Chavira to local KFOX14 station.

A training for all volunteers manning the phone lines is scheduled from 6-7 p.m. Monday at 9611 Acer St. El Paso, Texas 79925. To become a volunteer, visit Goodwill’s Facebook page and send them a message or call Chavira at (915) 203-1765.