Claremore school officials are seeking to amend the district’s anti-bullying policy to address a new form of harassment that takes place off school grounds: cyber bullying. Claremore Superintendent Michael McClaren says cyber bullying is something currently not included in the district’s policy. “It does not address the electronic means of bullying,” he told 2NEWS, saying officials are planning to discuss during a school board meeting next month how to implement a more comprehensive policy.

We are trying to take a more proactive stance as we obviously want to protect our students at school,” he said, adding such a policy would encompass the use of Facebook, Twitter, texting, and other electronic means of bullying. McClaren said one of the issues to be discussed next month will be whether or not the school will discipline students for bullying actions off campus.

He said as far as he is concerned, if the cyber bullying is between students using computers off campus, the matter becomes an issue for the district once brought onto the campus. “When it is brought to school, it will be reported and brought to a bullying coordinator,” McClaren said, saying the coordinator – now in place in the district – will then investigate the situation an determine any further course of action.

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