Canadian Police Chief Rick Hanson says bullying is a growing issue in Calgary, one that is quickly changing with the advent of social media and new digital technologies. In the wake of the suicide of Amanda Todd, the B.C. teen who was bullied online and at school for years, Hanson has been working with the local authorities to determine where holes exist in the system.

“What we have to do is sit down and figure out where the gaps are and how we’re going to address those gaps,” said Hanson. “If it’s occurring in the school that, as much as possible, it’s nipped in the bud, and that if we have to get involved and have to go talk to the families, that we do. “ Hanson said the rise of cyber bullying creates a destructive force that is hard to escape. “It’s relentless now. It used to be that at least someone that is being bullied could avoid it after they got home or when they were away on the weekend from school. But not anymore”

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