Marcus Bielenberg attempted to commit suicide after a series of stressful and traumatic events.
Alon with the death of his dog and bad grades in school, Marcus was a victim of cyberbullying. “I would put a status on Facebook and someone who doesn’t really like me very much would comment on it and they would start drama and it would just get worse,” said Marcus. “They would start bullying me.”
Eventually, the hate manifested itself into a fake profile taking on the identity of Marcus. The administrators of the profile then proceeded to say negative things about Marcus’s friends, who in turn blamed him.
After talking with his parents for 90 minutes on the issue, Marcus told them that he couldn’t take it anymore. And he committed suicide.
“If kids don’t stop and look at what they’re doing to each other, it’s going to continue,” says Lori Bielenberg, Marcus’s mother. “More kids are going to do this and more kids are going to die.”

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