According to a study by the Health Department of New York State has found that the percentage of students who said they have been bullied at school or online is 18 percent.

The study found that there was little difference in the percentage of boys and girls bullied on school property. However, in terms of cyberbullying, the percentage of girls cyberbullied was at 13, whereas the percentage of boys was at 9.

Other discoveries made by the same study included

  • One in six victims of any type of bullying attempted suicide whereas 6 percent of nonbullied children tried to suicide
  • 29 percent of students who identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexuals were bullied as opposed to 17 percent of heterosexual students
  • Bullying did not differ much by race. Relatively 16-20 percent of each race reported bullying.
  • Younger teens were generally bullied more than older teens.
  • Bullied students were six times more likely to skip school.
  • One in five bullied students said they were threatened or injured with a weapon, rate six times higher than other children.
  • Bullied children are twice as likely to carry a weapon for self-protection


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